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Service Terms

Read the Service Terms carefully, as they contain important information about your legal rights, resources and obligations. By accessing or using the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, you agree to comply with and abide by these Service Terms.

These Service Terms ("Terms") constitute a legally binding contract ("Agreement") between you and LOCAL ADVENTURES (Stuntshare, Inc) that governs your access to and use of the LOCAL ADVENTURES website, including any subdomain thereof, as well as of any other website through which LOCAL ADVENTURES makes available its services (collectively, the "Website"), our applications for cell phones, tablets and other smart devices, as well as application program interfaces (called, together, the "Application") and all associated services (collectively, the "LOCAL ADVENTURES Services"). From now on, the LOCAL ADVENTURES Website, Application and Services will be referred together as the "LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform". Our Operator Warranty Terms, and other policies applicable to your use of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, are incorporated by reference to this Agreement.

When these Terms use "", "", "LocalAdventures", "we", "us", or "our" (and other variations included), they refer to the company Stuntshare, Inc. with the who signs the Contract.

The collection and use of personal information in connection with your access to and use of the Stuntshare, Inc. Plattform are described in our Privacy Policy.

The Operators will be exclusively responsible for identifying, understanding and complying with all the laws, rules and regulations that apply to their Services (as Operator) of the adventures and experiences offered through LOCAL ADVENTURES.

  1. Scope of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Services

1.1 The LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform is an online platform that allows users ("Client") and third parties, who offer travel adventure services (Operators), to communicate and promote all the services they provide to the client regarding experiences. of travel that they provide, in order to with the Clients that want such Travel Adventures Services, they can reserve such experiences to the Operator.

1.2 As a provider of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, LOCAL ADVENTURES does not own, create, sell, resell, supply, control, manage, offer, deliver or provide any Travel Service, experience trip, or is an organizer or retailer of Package travel in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2302. The Operators are the exclusive responsible for what they offer in their Services. When the Clients make a reservation, of adventure, they sign a contract directly between them. LOCAL ADVENTURES is not and will not become a party or a participant in any contractual relationship between Operators and Customers. LOCAL ADVENTURES does not act as an agent in any capacity for any Operators and Customers, except as provided in the Payment Terms.

1.3 Although we can help facilitate the resolution of disputes, LOCAL ADVENTURES has no control over, nor guarantees (i) the existence, quality, security, suitability or legality of any Carrier Announcement or Service, (ii) the veracity or accuracy of the descriptions of any Announcement or of the Evaluations, Comments and other Content of the Client (as defined below) or (iii) the actions or conduct of any Operators and / or Customers or third parties.

1.4 If you decide to use the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform as an Operator your relationship with LOCAL ADVENTURES will be limited to that of third-party independent contractor and not that of an employee or agent of LOCAL ADVENTURES. In addition, you will act exclusively in your own name and interest, and not in the name or interest of LOCAL ADVENTURES. LOCAL ADVENTURES does not direct or control, or be deemed to direct or control, the actions you take or your behavior under these Terms. You acknowledge and agree that you may, in its sole discretion, offer Operator Services or undertake any other business or employment activity.

1.5 To promote the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform and increase the exposure of the Travel Experience Announcements may be displayed on other websites, in applications, in emails and in online advertising and not online. For the same purposes of dissemination of services, the Content of the Operator's services may be translated, partially or totally, into other languages. LOCAL ADVENTURES can not guarantee the accuracy or quality of such translations. The LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform may contain translations powered by Google. * Google disclaims all warranties related to translations, express or implied, including any guarantee of accuracy, reliability and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

1.6 The LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform may contain links to third party websites or resources ("Third Party Services"). These Third Party Services may be subject to different terms and conditions and different privacy practices. LOCAL ADVENTURES is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such Third Party Services, nor for the content, products or services available from such Third Party Services. The links to said Third Party Services do not constitute an endorsement of these by LOCAL ADVENTURES.

1.7 Due to the nature of the Internet, LOCAL ADVENTURES can not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability and accessibility of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform ( and LOCAL ADVENTURES may restrict the availability of the Platform or certain areas or functions of the Platform in case it is necessary due to limits of capacity, security or integrity of our servers, or to carry out maintenance measures that ensure the correct or improved functioning of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform. LOCAL ADVENTURES may improve, reinforce and modify the Platform of and

2. Use of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform

2.1 Must be at least 18 years of age to be able to sign legally binding contracts in order to access and use the localadventures Platform. By accessing or using the Platform declares and guarantees that you are 18 years of age or older and have the legal capacity and power to sign a contract.

2.2 LOCAL ADVENTURES may make access and use of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, or certain areas or functions of this, subject to certain conditions or requirements, such as conducting a verification process, meeting specific qualities or eligibility criteria, meeting thresholds of evaluations. o Comments or a specific booking and cancellation history of an Operator.

The verification of users on the Internet is difficult and we assume no responsibility for the identity confirmation of any Operator and / or Client. Without prejudice to the foregoing, for the purposes of transparency and fraud prevention, and to the extent permitted by law, we may, without being obliged to do so, (i) request the Operators and / or Client to provide a form of government identification or other information or that are subject to additional checks designed to help verify the identity or background of the Operators and / or Clients, (ii) filter the Operator and / or Client by comparing with third-party databases and other sources and request reports to service providers; and (iii) when we have sufficient information to identify an Operator and / or Client, obtain reports from public records or from criminal convictions or sex offender registrations or an equivalent version of background or verifications of sex offenders registered in your local jurisdiction (if available).

3. Modification of these Terms

 LOCAL ADVENTURES reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time in accordance with this provision. If we make changes to these Terms, we will post the revised Terms in the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform and update the "Last Updated" date at the top of them. Likewise, we will notify you of the modifications by sending you an email, at least thirty (30) days before they become effective. If you disagree with the revised Terms, you may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. We will inform you of your right to terminate the Contract in the notification email. If you do not terminate your Agreement prior to the date on which the revised Terms come into force, your continued access or use of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform will constitute acceptance of the revised Terms.

4. Content

4.1 LOCAL ADVENTURES may, in its sole discretion, allow Operators and / or Customers (i) to promote and publish (by sending such information) content, such as text, photos, video and other material and information to, in the Platform of LOCAL ADVENTURES ("Operator Content"); and (ii) access and view the Content in the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, iii) Request information from LOCAL ADVENTURES about the Clients that may be necessary to comply with the Services that have been offered.

4.2 The LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, the LOCAL ADVENTURES Content and the Operator Content may be, in whole or in part, protected by copyright, trademark and other laws of the United States and other countries. You acknowledge and agree that the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform and the Content of LOCAL ADVENTURES, including all associated intellectual property rights, are the exclusive property of LOCAL ADVENTURES and / or its licensors or third-party licensors.

4.3 You will not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly interpret, transmit, disseminate or otherwise exploit the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, or the Content or information that is give them.

4.4 By creating, publishing, sending, receiving, storing or otherwise making available any Content to the Operator on or through the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform, you grant LOCAL ADVENTURES a non-exclusive, international, royalty-free, irrevocable license , perpetual (or in force during the protection), sublicenseable and transferable on said Content of the Operators and / or Clients to access, use, store, copy, modify, prepare derivative works, distribute, publish, transmit, broadcast continuously, disseminate and exploit in any other way and way said Operator Content to provide and / or promote the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform in any support or platform. Unless you give specific consent, LOCAL ADVENTURES does not claim any property rights in Operator Content whatsoever and nothing contained in these Terms shall be deemed to restrict any right that may assist you in the use or exploitation of your Operator Content.

4.5 The Operator is solely responsible for all Content that is made available on or through the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform. Accordingly, you represent and warrant that: (i) you are the sole and exclusive owner of all Operator Content, which has all the rights, licenses, consents and disclaimers necessary to grant LOCAL ADVENTURES the rights in and about such Content of the Operator, as contemplated in these Terms; and (ii) neither the Content of the Operator nor its publication, loading, dissemination, transmission or transmission of the Operator Content or use by LOCAL ADVENTURES of the Content of the Operator or of the Client will violate, imply an undue appropriation or infringe the rights of the Operator. patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights or other private or intellectual property rights of a third party, or the rights of privacy or protection of the personality of third parties or result in non-compliance no applicable laws or regulations.

4.6 The Operators and / or Clients will not upload, disseminate, send information, or transmit any Content that: (i) is fraudulent, false, deceptive (directly or by omission or failure to update the information) or deceptive; (ii) is defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive; (iii) encourage discrimination, intolerance, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any person or group; (iv) is violent or threatening or encourages violence or actions that are threatening to any other person or animal; (v) encourage illicit or harmful activities or substances; or (vi) violates the LOCAL ADVENTURES Policy or any other policy of LOCAL ADVENTURES. LOCAL ADVENTURES may, without prior notice, remove or deactivate access to any Operator Content that LOCAL ADVENTURES considers to be in breach of these Terms or the current LOCAL ADVENTURES Policies or Rules, or that may in any way be harmful or offensive to LOCAL ADVENTURES , its Operators and / or Customers, third parties or material goods.

4.7 LOCAL ADVENTURES respects copyright legislation and expects its Operators to act in the same way. If you believe that any content on the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform infringes the copyright you hold, notify us in accordance with our Copyright Policy at the official email address: Email:

5. Service Fees and Payment Methods.

5.1 LOCAL ADVENTURES will charge 20% Comission fee to Operators, on the sales price showed on the site, and 5% fee to Customers. Together, the "Service Fees" in exchange for the use of the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform.

5.2 LOCAL ADVENTURES will pay the proportional amount to the Operator according the timing of the Operators policies by Bank Transfer and/or Paypal transfer.

6. Specific terms for Operators

6.1 Terms applicable to all travel experiences

6.1.1 When sending your information and data of the adventure experience offered to LOCAL ADVENTURES you must (i) Provide the complete information of the adventures, such as price, itinerary, including, available days, any necessary and relevant information. In addition to providing additional and complete information of extra and optional services that are offered in each of the adventures (ii) reveal any deficiency, restriction (such as rules) and requirements that may be relevant (such as a minimum age, skills or requirements of form) physical for an Experience) and (iii) provide any other pertinent information. You are responsible for keeping updated the information on the services and experiences offered.

6.1.2 The images, itinerary, animations, price, descriptions and information that the Operator provides must accurately reflect the quality and condition of its Services.

6. 2 Duties of the Operator as an adventure provider in LocalAdventures.

6.2.1 The Operators are responsible for guaranteeing that the Experience, on which LOCAL ADVENTURES public based on the information provided by the Operator, complies with the Quality Standards of the Experiences and does not suppose any type of Trip Mishap for the Clients. . Both before and during the Experience, the Operators must be available to answer any question or doubt related to the adventures published to the clients.

6.2.2 The Operator must be able to be contacted and be able to offer a response to their clients within a maximum of 1 business day, by telephone and email once the reservation has been confirmed.

6.2.3 The Operator must be able to offer a response related to any topic of interest of LocalAdventures in a maximum of 1 business day.

6.2.4 The Operator must be able to offer an answer (or make sure that someone is in his place) to resolve, in good faith, any problem that may arise with the Client.

7. Specific Terms for Customers

7.1 Without prejudice to compliance with the requirements established by LOCAL ADVENTURES and / or the Operator (such as completing any verification process), the Client may reserve an experience available on the LOCAL ADVENTURES Platform following the corresponding reservation process. Before reserving an experience, you will be presented with all the applicable rates, description of the experience, itinerary, requirements and that includes the experience (hereinafter, together, the "Total Rates").

7.2 Upon receipt of a reservation confirmation from LOCAL ADVENTURES, a legally binding contract is formed between you and your Operator, subject to any additional terms and conditions that may apply.

7.3 The Client must carefully review the description of any Experience Service that he intends to reserve to ensure that he meets the requirements of minimum age, fitness, physical condition and other requirements indicated by the Operator through the LOCAL ADVENTURES platform. The Client may, at its sole discretion, inform the Operator or the LOCAL ADVENTURES team of any medical or physical problem and other circumstances that may affect their health.

7.4 Before and during an Experience, you must at all times respect the indications of the Operators.

7.5 Cancellations: Once the purchase of an Adventure is confirmed, requests for refunds or refunds of any kind are not accepted, unless the Operator indicates otherwise in its policies. Once the Adventure has been reserved and it has been confirmed by the Operator, it will be subject to these terms and conditions, as well as to what the Operator determines in terms of cancellations and modifications of dates. In the event that the Operator of or the Adventure does not accept cancellations subsequent to reservation, Localadventures will not be responsible for reimbursement or related complaints. In the event of a cancellation by the Adventure Operator due to reasons of force majeure (weather, mechanical failure of the equipment, illness), the Adventure will be rescheduled in the next available date. This change does not allow any type of reimbursement or coverage of associated expenses in which the Client or Final Beneficiary has incurred as a result of the cancellation of the Adventure. In case of not being able to attend the reserved Adventure, there is the possibility of transferring said reservation to another person.

7.6 Reprogramming: The Client will or will not be able to reschedule the date of his Adventure or his own experience in accordance with the policies indicated by the Operator.

7.7 Reservations: It is possible to book any Adventure offered on the site making a payment of the amount indicated in each Adventure at least in case of section. In case of purchase in its entirety you must settle 100% of the price immediately. It is necessary that the Client liquidates the rest of the amount of the Adventure reserved in accordance with the policies indicated by the Operator.

7.8 Climatic conditions: Some of the Adventures that our Service Operators offer depend on the climate. If the Adventure is canceled due to weather conditions, the Client or Final Beneficiary may reschedule without additional cost up to 7 days before the next available date (otherwise the ticket will lose its value). The reprogrammed Adventure will remain subject to weather conditions.

8. Claims

If (i) LOCAL ADVENTURES determines that a Client has suffered a Trip Issue  linked to the Experience, (ii) LOCAL ADVENTURES will initiate the negotiation process between the Client and the Operator. Which must be founded by both parties recognizing that the Operator must provide the Customer the conditions of the service that he has indicated through the information sent to LOCAL ADVENTURES. In case of breach of these conditions of the service offered, the refund may be agreed in full.


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