Work with us

Duties of the Operator as adventure supplier of LocalAdventures.

  • Provide adventure full information, as price, itinerary, includes, disponibility and any other necessary and relevant information. Provide any additional and complete information of extra services or Add ons offered in each adventure.

  • Notify any adventure change, promotion or discount so LocalAdventures offer up-to-date information. In case of any adventure modification, the confirmed bookings and Customers pending for adventures must conserve any last characteristic before the modification.

  • At the moment of any adventure, fulfill with everything published on the LocalAdventures platform.

  • Require any information or necessary document to the Customer once the reservation is confirmed, by the chat

  • The Operator must provide the Customer with any document, ticket or bacher necessary to carry out his adventure, by the chat at

  • The Operator must be reachable  and be able to offer a response to their Customers within a maximum of 1 business day, by the chat at

  • The Operator must be able to answer any question or concern related to the published adventures, by the chat

  • The Operator must be able to offer a response related to any topic of interest of Localadventures in a maximum of 1 business day.

  • The Operator must assist LocalAdventures with any Customer complaints arising out of or in connection with the Operator Services in a way that the highest possible standard of Customer.

Duties of LocalAdventures platform as adventure marketplace.

  • LocalAdventures is obliged to show to Customer, by the platform, every adventure detail and information provider by the Operator.

  • Communicate with the Customer the necessaries terms and condition for any schedule modification or cancellation of the adventure according the Operator

  • The Customer must accept the terms and conditions before any purchase.

  • Notify the Operator any modification, movement or cancellation of any booking.

  • Notify to the Operator any complain of any customer related to Operator’s services.

  • LocalAdventures is obliged to show any change on the information provider by the Operator, to show always up-to-date information.

  • In case of any inconsistence about information, prices, quality, or any other Customer issue caused by the adventure, LocalAdventures reserves the right to delete or stop at any moment the commercial relationship.

Commissions, payment methods and payouts.

  • The customer must pay by LocalAdventures website.

  • LocalAdventures will collect all the Customer payments, hold payments, full adventure payments or charge fees by the website.

  • The Operator agrees to provide LocalAdventures with a service fee corresponding 20% of the adventure price and additional services “Add ons” offered on the platform.

  • The Operator is obliged to sell their adventures on the platforma at the same public price published at him website, social networks or any other sales channel. If the prices on each channel are different must use the lower one.

  • LocalAdventures charge 5% service fee added to the adventure price. This difference is paid by the Customer.

  • The Operator agrees to provide LocalAdventures with a fee corresponding 10% of any charge to the Customer caused by cancellations, modifications or movements on the original schedule according to the terms and conditions for the Operator’s adventures.

  • LocalAdventures is obliged to pay Operator services “N” days before the adventure date. This “N” days will be defined between the Operator and LocalAdventures.

  • The Operator must provide an invoice for each payment made by LocalAdventures. And provide the Paypal Account or/and Bank information.

LocalAdventures General WorkFlow Chart.